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Why certify? Actions speak louder than words.

Our world leading certifications are science-based, business-tested and internationally recognised. For every member, we provide flexible support, a comprehensive toolkit, expert advisors and hands-on workshops.

Benefits of certification

In return for a moderate time investment, your business could:

  • Gain market access & export advantage
  • Identify business efficiencies and cost savings
  • Satisfy stakeholder and supply chain demand
  • Make sustainability claims credibly and confidently
  • Meet tender requirements
  • Anticipate and manage risks
  • Improve staff engagement
  • Build internal capability and institutional knowledge
  • Achieve legislative compliance, including environmental and health & safety requirements
  • Create a saleable business with robust systems
  • Gain a moral and reputational advantage
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

Process of certification

Once you join one of our programmes, you will be given access to our tools, templates, and guidance. You can then measure your performance, develop targets for improvement, and improve your environmental performance.

A small to medium sized organisation can typically achieve certification in 3-6 months by spending a few hours a week on the project. The time it takes to prepare for and successfully pass an audit varies from business to business, depending on how well developed your existing systems are when you start. The time and resources needed each year may reduce as you develop and improve systems and records. We can help you develop a realistic project plan to guide your progress.

Once your organisation has prepared the required materials and plans for that programme, an independent audit will ensure compliance and certification will be issued. Upon being certified, you will be given certification logos to use in promoting your achievement.

This is an annual cycle and each year the programme will help keep you on a journey of continual improvement. Your certification can help your organisation meet tender requirements, satisfy stakeholder demands, demonstrate good corporate citizenship, identify and manage risks, develop business efficiencies, achieve cost savings and gain market access.

How much does it cost?

Membership subscriptions are based on the size and complexity of your organisation. Auditing costs are additional and based on the time required by the auditor to complete the on-site audits. For carboNZero members, carbon credit costs are additional and depend on quantity needed and market rates. These factors mean that costs vary for each organisation. As a guide, for a small, simple, office based organisation with 1-2 offices and under 15 employees, the membership starts at approximately $4600 annually (plus credits if applicable) but prices vary depending on size and complexity.

In order to provide you with a more accurate quote, get in touch to discuss further.

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