Issue 45 | Newsletter

Hello from Enviro-Mark Solutions!

In this brave new world of ‘alternative facts’, it’s hard know what’s the real deal. That’s why we congratulate you, our members, for achieving independent certification – science-based evidence of your environmental achievements.

Taking environmental action is all the more important given that the OECD has recently released New Zealand’s environmental performance report card and they say “New Zealand’s growth model is approaching its environmental limits. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are increasing. Pollution of freshwater is spreading over a wider area. And the country’s biodiversity is under threat.” You can read the highlights or delve into the full report (find it in Links, Bits and Pieces below). The OECD has recommended a number of measures that can ensure New Zealand transitions to a sustainable low carbon economy. Your achievements will help to realise this goal. So tell others about it! If you’re not sure how, email Austin to get details of the next Marketing & Communicating Your Certification webinar.

More great stuff inside this issue including Flick Electric Co.’s mission to help customers make sustainable choices, Shannon’s experience in purchasing her first e-bike, what is scoping for our Enviro-Mark programme members and lots more below. 

Take a peek, tell us what you think, or share with your colleagues.