Fusion Print: an Enviro-Mark Diamond case study

Fusion Print is Enviro-Mark Diamond certified

Fusion Print is a fully integrated print solutions company that also offers web development, creative, and marketing solutions.

Our eco-conscience is at the very heart of our business. We’ve maintained our Enviro-Mark Diamond certification since 2010. We monitor, measure and set targets for waste, electricity, water and aluminium reduction, and have had great success in all these areas. All of our paper stock, inks and print practices are chosen with the environment in mind. And our team have become so eco-conscious that they’ve even changed the way they do things at home.


fusion print case study exampleWhat drew you into a formal environmental management programme?

We were drawn into a formal environmental management programme for two key reasons.  The first was that as a business we felt it was important to play a part in taking care of the environment by reducing the negative impacts of our operations.  By having a formal Environmental Management System (EMS), we had processes and objectives in place to help us minimise our environmental impacts, and the EMS provided a framework which could be rolled out for new departments, staff members, or business practices.  The second reason was to attract and retain clients.  In the marketplace, more and more clients are looking for environmentally responsible suppliers.  This is great, as it improves environmental outcomes across the board.


Which of your achievements are you most proud of and why?

We are proud of the fact that our EMS has become second nature within the business and for staff members.  It is so encouraging to see staff members naturally make choices in line with environmental improvement, such as coming up with ways to re-use waste, and reminding each other about saving energy.  We are also proud of the fact that a lot of our staff members now recycle and reuse products more at home as a result of what we do at work.

Fusion Print desk calendarWhat has been the most challenging aspect of this?

It is always challenging trying to change people’s mindsets but we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from staff and customers to our environmental choices, actions and programmes.


How has it changed what you do?

Having an EMS has changed what we do in that we stringently monitor and measure our environmental impacts, which means we can easily see areas which  need improvement. Monitoring and measuring can be time-consuming, but pays off both environmentally and financially.


Have you saved money because of your initiatives?

We have saved money through identifying areas of waste, and reducing these.  Primarily we have saved money through electricity and reprint reductions – in just the last few years we’ve saved about 25% in electricity costs.  We have also saved money on landfill costs as we reduce our waste and look for alternative uses for our waste products.  Some of these savings have been ongoing for 5-10 years. 

Fusion Print printed book


What kind of improvements have you made?

Our EMS has had huge benefits, with the whole company seeing improvements in the way we look at waste and reuse of products.  We also see the benefits in ourstaff culture, as it provides a common goal, and a point of different for us within our industry.  Overall, the improvements have been environmental and financial sustainability, and a sense of pride in what we have achieved. 


What value does Enviro-Mark certification have for your organisation?

Having our Enviro-Mark Diamond certification has many benefits for our organisation. It is a vital point of difference between us and our competitors, and makes us stand out in our industry. We have also benefited from cost savings across our waste, electricity, water and aluminium use. We are now finding more and more that clients will ask about our environmental certifications, and having Enviro-Mark gives us the credibility we need. We have also found that having common goals in the workplace, such as our environmental targets, creates a more cohesive work environment and encourages teamwork.



The Fusion Print team.

The Fusion Print team.


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Enviro-Mark Diamond logoEnviro-Mark Diamond Certification

Enviro-Mark Diamond certified organisations have all the components of an ISO 14001 system in place. They have internal systems to ensure that their plans and policies are followed and to identify any opportunities for change and improvement. They have top management involvement in managing the EMS and its continuing stability.

To achieve Enviro-Mark Diamond certification, an organisation:

  • Controls all important documentation to ensure only the most up to date versions are being used;
  • Has an internal EMS audit programme in operation, ensuring expected outcomes are occurring as planned;
  • Periodically has top management review the performance of the EMS;
  • Formalises the roles and responsibilities for people working for and on behalf of the organisation;
  • Communicates appropriately both internally and externally;
  • Ensures appropriate training is given to people working with the EMS;
  • Documents all procedures relating to managing the system (both system and operational procedures);
  • Has a good system for managing problems (non-conformities and opportunities for improvement);
  • Sets objectives and targets for driving improvement and has programmes in place to meet those targets;
  • Develops, implements and tests environmental emergency plans;
  • Identifies and evaluates their significant environmental issues arising from activities, products and services;
  • Actively monitors their ongoing compliance with New Zealand legislation and ensures they are aware of any changes to obligations;
  • Produces an environmental policy statement;
  • Understands the scope of their EMS (i.e., are there any parts of the organisation that need to be excluded from the EMS and why);
  • Exhibits no non-compliances with New Zealand’s applicable health and safety and environmental legislation.