NZME - New Zealand Media and Entertainment - brings together its radio, digital, e-commerce and print brands under one overarching banner.

NZME's Enviro-Mark journey began when we were wanting to ensure that as a print company we were conscious of what we were putting back into the environment as well as what was coming into our plants. All print sites had processes in place to deal with waste, solvents, etc but there were no formal process or documentation. Enviro-Mark Certification provided this and NZME is now Enviro-Mark Gold certified.

NZME's environment story is one that we as a group of companies can be proud off not only for our businesses but also our staff as we ensure that what we put back into our environment or our use of natural resources is controlled, monitored and minimised.


  • Enviro-Mark Gold certified

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46 Albert Street, Auckland 1010, NZ

Phone: +64 9 526 9400

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