Soar Print

"As a third generation family business that has been operating for nearly 100 years, we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of each generation to leave things in better shape for the generation that follows.

"During our journey to carbon neutrality through emission reduction, we discovered the process is not too difficult and actually rather good for business. It doesn't necessarily require a large capital investment and it reduces overheads. In fact it saves us money, even after paying for carbon credits to offset the emissions we can't avoid.

"Based on our experience, I would encourage other businesses to go down the carbon neutral path. We have worked with many clients who are keen to reduce the carbon footprint of their print requirements and can also offer carboNZero certified printed products and services to the exacting PAS2050 standard.

"We're also happy to share details about our journey to becoming carboNZero certified, if you're interested in following that path."

Fred Soar, Managing Director, Soar Print Limited


Soar Printing team