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Enviro-Mark Solutions offers simple, effective and credible solutions to inspire action for a better environment. 

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Advantages of independent environmental certification  

Benefits of certification

Manage energy use, environmental impacts, and carbon footprints with our business-tested, science-based tools and certifications.  

Our members reduce operating costs, demonstrate environmental leadership, provide assurance for stakeholders, and gain a competitive edge. Through our solutions, members achieve:

  • Market access & export advantage
  • Identify business efficiencies and cost savings
  • Satisfy stakeholder and supply chain demand
  • Make sustainability claims credibly and confidently
  • Meet tender requirements
  • Anticipate and manage risks
  • Achieve legislative compliance, including environmental and health & safety requirements
  • Create a saleable business with robust systems
  • Gain a moral and reputational advantage
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

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In addition to third-party certification, Enviro-Mark Solutions provides assessment, verification and training services as well as technical tools and software.

  • Audit and Verification services against a range of international standards
  • Gap analysis of your existing work against a range of environmental standards
  • Independent expert assessment of your site against Regional Environmental Plan criteria
  • Product carbon footprint specifications
  • Emissions Factor review, development and provision
  • Emissions calculation software
  • Workshops and training across a range of environmental topics
  • Supply chain sustainability assessments
  • Assessment and provision of verified carbon credits
  • Custom pre-verified carbon calculators for you, your customers or your suppliers
  • Event carbon calculators
  • Free carbon calculators for individuals to estimate and offset their household or travel footprints

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You’ll improve your business and together we can create a better environment. 

Benefits of sustainable procurement and tendering

Business executives in a meetingWhether you are choosing a new service provider or looking for a manufacturer to fit into your supply chain, choosing to work with organisations, products and services that are credibly managing their environmental impacts benefits your organisation.

These organisations have reduced risk, planned for future requirements, and improved efficiency. Further, by choosing to support credibly sustainable companies, you will help encourage that behaviour to spread.

Look for organisations that are measured against an agreed standard and give preference to those with independent verification or certification. For example, if an organisation is claiming to plant trees to be carbon neutral, they are doing a great ecological project but cannot actually claim to be carbon neutral. Our members offer a range of services and products and each is independently certified as taking credible action for a better environment.

Look for these certification marks on products or business materials as part of your procurement process; independent certification from Enviro-Mark Solutions proves that a company or product is taking the right action for the environment. A summary of each type of certification follows, and you can learn more about the specific requirements to achieve each type of certification here

Enviro-Mark® Certification

Energy-Mark® Certification

CEMARS® Certification

carboNZeroCertTM Certification

Enviro-Mark LogoEnergy-Mark LogoCEMARS LogocarboNZero Logo
Enviro-Mark certification means the company has or is developing an environmental management system, or a set of procedures and policies to manage all environmental impacts, risks, and aspects. Certified companies can be one of five levels depending on how far along they are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.Energy-Mark certification means the company has or is developing an energy management system, or a set of procedures and policies to manage energy use and efficiency. Certified companies can be one of three levels depending on how far along they are: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme

CEMARS certification is awarded to companies, products or services that are measuring and actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. 

carboNZero certification is awarded to companies, products or services that are measuring, actively working to reduce and annually offset their carbon footprint. 

Sustainable Resources

There are also many excellent resources online to help support businesses and communities to have a positive impact on the environment.