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Environmental tools and services

Environmental performance is key for a successful business to maximise performance, minimise risk and engage with stakeholders. Join with leading New Zealand and international organisations in simple, guided programmes tailored to your business to manage carbon and environmental impacts. Read more below or contact us to get certified.

Certification programmes

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We offer carbon management and carbon neutral certifications for organisations, goods and services, and building operations, including all the tools needed to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions, through our CEMARS® and carboNZeroCertTM Programmes – learn more here.

Enviro-Mark Certification Programme Enviro-Mark Logo

We offer a five-tiered certification scheme for environmental management systems to allow members to develop, review and improve a custom system to manage environmental aspects and impacts, including legislative and health & safety requirements, through our Enviro-Mark® Programme – learn more here.

Benefits of certification

Benefits of sustainability

Just some of the benefits of certification follow - or view our case studies to see the programmes in action:

  • Transition to the low carbon economy
  • Ensure market access & export advantage
  • Identify business efficiencies and cost savings
  • Satisfy stakeholder and supply chain demand
  • Make sustainability claims credibly and confidently
  • Improve staff engagement
  • Build internal capability and institutional knowledge
  • Meet tender requirements
  • Anticipate and manage risks
  • Achieve legislative compliance, including environmental and health & safety requirements
  • Create a saleable business with robust systems
  • Gain a moral and reputational advantage
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

Some of the clients already achieving these benefits include:

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Explore the full member list here

Join hundreds of leading businesses already managing risk, winning tenders, and credibly backing good corporate citizenship today and get in touch. You’ll improve your business and together we can create a better environment.

Technical Tools and Services

In addition to our certification programmes, Enviro-Mark Solutions provides assessment, verification and training services as well as technical tools and software.

  • Audit and Verification services against a range of international standards
  • Gap analysis of your existing work against a range of environmental standards
  • Independent expert assessment of your site against Regional Environmental Plan criteria
  • Product carbon footprint specifications
  • Emissions Factor review, development and provision
  • Emissions calculation software
  • Workshops and training across a range of environmental topics
  • Industrial and Trade site Assessments (Stormwater pollution prevention)
  • Aspect/Impact assessment including the new lifecycle approach required under ISO 14001:2015
  • Compliance reviews
  • Supply chain sustainability assessments
  • Assistance with setting goals aligned with internationally recognised standards like Science Based Targets and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Assessment and provision of verified carbon credits
  • Custom pre-verified carbon calculators for you, your customers or your suppliers
  • Event carbon calculators
  • Free carbon calculators for individuals to estimate and offset their household or travel footprints

Setting science-based targets

CDP accredited providerEnviro-Mark Solutions provides custom support to help organisations set and achieve science-based emissions reduction targets. We are the first CDP-accredited science-based targets partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Whether your organisation is starting from scratch or needs its work verified, we can help.

Why set a science-based target?

A science-based target is an emissions reduction goal set in line with the global carbon budget.

This budget caps global carbon emissions at one trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2e), which gives us the best change of limiting global warming to less than 2°C. Learn more about science-based targets here.

Using science-based target principles allows organisations of any size or sector to make a meaningful and fair transition to the global low carbon economy.

To set a science-based target, organisations must measure emissions against the GHG Protocol, including looking at supply chain impacts. After measuring, companies can select and develop ambitious reduction targets for the next 5-15 years, with the ultimate goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Organisations can submit their targets to the Science Based Target initiative for review and recognition.

Enviro-Mark Solutions welcomes any organisation that wants to set science-based targets to start the conversation today. Together we can develop a custom plan to apply our expertise to your business needs.

Ready to apply our expert knowledge to your operations? Get in touch. You’ll improve your business and together we can create a better environment.