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Ready to improve your energy performance? 

We help each step along the way. Our tools and checklists help you plan your management system. Our expert guidance helps you implement goals to manage your energy use and efficiency. Assess your system and improve as needed. We then arrange an independent audit to verify your result is accurate and complete. After we certify your hard work you will receive globally recognised certification logos to help you market your achievements.

Annual Energy-Mark Certification cycle

The annual cycle keeps you on a journey of continual reduction. Ready, steady… register!

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Certification Programme

Energy-Mark LogoThe Energy-Mark Programme enables systematic development and improvement of credible energy management systems. Third party certification ensures accurate and consistent energy management claims.

So what is an energy management system? An energy management system is simply a planned approach to manage energy use and improve performance. An effective system focuses on continual improvement, through a cycle of implementing procedures, identifying objectives and targets, assessing energy performance and improving systems. We can help an organisation develop, implement and maintain a strong energy management system to target efficiency and cost savings. Whether you are starting from scratch or have existing systems in place, our programme can help you improve performance. 

We help you identify energy performance and support you in managing energy use. Compliance with the programme is independently verified annually to maintain certification.

Energy-Mark Certification indicates a third party verified energy management system claim based on continual improvement. Organisations can certify a full company or individual sites and achieve one of three levels of certification as the system is developed.

Member organisations receive all the tools, mentorship and resources necessary to implement a credible energy management system. In return, you reduce risk, achieve operational and cost savings, and enhance your moral standing. Following an independent audit, we certify organisations to one of three levels. Energy-Mark Gold Certification, the final step, meets the requirements of ISO 50001. Learn more about each level below.

What makes our programme world leading? 

  • Energy-Mark Programme requirements meet international standards and best practice

Benefits of certification

We are currently working with pilot organisations in New Zealand. Antarctica New Zealand has recently achieved the world's first Energy-Mark Silver Certification and Canterbury District Health Board is Energy-Mark Bronze Certified. Join these world leaders in this new opportunity.

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Certification Levels

Our three step certification culminates in a certification that meets the requirements of ISO 50001:2011 for organisational energy performance. Depending on where your organisation is on its sustainable journey, you can apply for certification at any of the Energy-Mark programme levels. No matter which level you choose, we provide all the tools and guidance you will need to succeed.

For each level below, click the logo or link for further information. 

Energy-Mark Bronze logoEnergy-Mark Bronze

Energy-Mark Bronze Certified organisations have developed an energy policy and demonstrated a commitment to energy management. Through the guidance of the Energy-Mark Programme, the organisation has reviewed its energy usage, decided on its energy baseline and defined its performance indicators.

Detailed requirements of this level

Energy-Mark Silver logoEnergy-Mark Silver

Energy-Mark Silver Certified organisations have defined objectives and targets for energy management and created specific energy projects to reduce energy use. Performance is tracked over time and communicated to stakeholders. Also at this level, consideration is made for the training and awareness needs of staff who have a significant impact on energy use.

Detailed requirements of this level

Energy-Mark Gold logo

Energy-Mark Gold

Energy-Mark Gold Certified organisations have robust processes for making the information within the energy management system accessible and keeping it up to date. The organisation regularly performs internal audits of the management system and top management reviews the strategy of the energy management system.

Detailed requirements of this level

Process of certification

Once you join the Energy-Mark Programme, you will be given access to our tools, templates, and guidance, including a checklist detailing the specific requirements of the level of certification sought. You can then develop, maintain and improve an energy management system through a cycle of implementing procedures, identifying objectives and targets, assessing energy performance and improving systems.

A small to medium sized organisation can typically achieve Energy-Mark Bronze Certification in 3-6 months by spending a few hours a week on the management system. The time it takes to prepare for and successfully pass an audit varies from business to business, depending on how well developed your existing systems are when you start. As a rough guide a few hours per week by a person with some systems knowledge would see a small to medium-sized company progress to Energy-Mark Gold Certification in about two years.  The time and resources needed each year may reduce as you develop and improve systems and records. We can help you develop a realistic project plan to guide your progress.

Once your organisation has prepared the required materials and plans for that level of certification, an independent audit will ensure programme compliance and certification will be issued. Upon being certified, you will be given Energy-Mark Certification logos to use in promoting your achievement.

This is an annual cycle and each year the programme will help keep you on a journey of continual improvement. Your certification can help your organisation meet tender requirements, satisfy stakeholder demands, demonstrate good corporate citizenship, identify and manage risks, develop business efficiencies, achieve cost savings and gain market access. 

How much does it cost?

Membership subscriptions are based on the size and complexity of your organisation. Auditing costs are additional and based on the time required by the auditor to complete the on-site audits. These factors mean that costs vary for each organisation. As a guide, for a small, simple, office based organisation with 1-2 offices and under 15 employees, the membership starts at approximately $5000 annually but prices vary depending on size and complexity. In order to provide you with a more accurate quote, please complete this short form or get in touch.

Enviro-Mark Solutions offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting or to find your local Regional Business Partner.

How will a certified energy management system benefit your business? 

Our world leading certification programme is business tested and supported by scientific research and international best practice. For every member we provide mentored support, a comprehensive toolkit, expert advisors and hands-on workshops.

Just some of the benefits our members are receiving:

  • Satisfy stakeholder and supply chain demand
  • Meet tender requirements
  • Identify business efficiencies and cost savings
  • Anticipate and manage risks
  • Improve staff engagement
  • Build internal capability and institutional knowledge
  • Gain a moral and reputational advantage
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

Ready to learn more about what Energy-Mark Certification might mean for your business?

Other energy management services

If you want to manage your energy efficiency and use, but aren’t ready for certification, we can still help. Contact us to find a solution that would best fit your needs.

  • Audit and Verification services against a range of international standards including ISO 50001
  • Conduct a gap analysis of your existing work against a range of environmental standards
  • Workshops and training across a range of environmental topics
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