Energy-Mark Bronze Certification

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Energy-Mark Bronze is the first step in the Energy Management System journey. 

An energy management system is a planned approach to manage energy use and improve performance and efficiency. The Energy-Mark Programme mentors organisations to develop, implement and maintain an energy management system and verifies their work.

Energy-Mark Bronze certified organisations have developed an energy policy and demonstrated a commitment to energy management. Under the guidance of Energy-Mark, the organisation has reviewed its energy usage, decided on its energy baseline and defined its performance indicators.

To achieve Energy-Mark Bronze certification, an organisation:

  • Defines and documents the scope and boundaries its energy management system;
  • Defines, establishes, implements and maintains an energy policy which illustrates the  organisation's commitment to achieving energy performance improvements;
  • Provides the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain an energy management system;
  • Communicates the importance of energy management to those in the organisation;
  • Ensures that energy objectives and targets are established;
  • Considers energy performance in long-term planning;
  • Appoints an Energy Management System Champion(s) with appropriate skills and competence;
  • Conducts and documents an energy planning process;
  • Develop, record, and maintain an energy review;
  • Establish an energy baseline against which to measure changes in energy performance;
  • Evaluate compliance with legal and other requirements.