Energy-Mark Gold Certification

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Energy-Mark Gold is the ultimate step in the Energy Management System journey. 

An energy management system is a planned approach to manage energy use and improve performance and efficiency. The Energy-Mark Programme mentors organisations to develop, implement and maintain an energy management system and verifies their work.

Energy-Mark Gold certified organisations have robust processes for making the information within the energy management system accessible and keeping it up to date. The organisation regularly performs internal audits of the management system and top management reviews the strategy of the energy management system

Energy-Mark Gold certified organisations meet the requirements of ISO 50001. 

To achieve Energy-Mark Gold certification, an organisation:

  • Describes the core elements of the Energy Management System and their interaction;
  • Establishes, implements and maintains procedure(s) to control the documentation of the energy management system;
  • Conducts internal audits at planned intervals to ensure that the energy management system is effective and meets ISO 50001 requirements; 
  • Addresses actual and potential nonconformities by making corrections, and by taking corrective action and preventive action;
  • Establishes and maintains records to demonstrate conformity to the requirements of Energy-Mark certification;
  • Top management regularly reviews the organisation's energy management system to ensure its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.