Energy-Mark Silver Certification

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Energy-Mark Silver is the second step in the Energy Management System journey. 

An energy management system is a planned approach to manage energy use and improve performance and efficiency. The Energy-Mark Programme mentors organisations to develop, implement and maintain an energy management system and verifies their work.

Energy-Mark Silver certified organisations have defined objectives and targets for energy management and created specific energy projects to reduce energy use. The performance of the energy projects and overall energy efficiency are tracked over time and communicated to stakeholders. Also at this level, consideration is made for the training and awareness needs of staff who have a significant impact on energy use.

To achieve Energy-Mark Silver certification, an organisation:

  • Maintains achievement of the previously established objectives and targets;
  • Establishes, implements and maintains energy action plans;
  • Ensures that employees working within areas of significant energy use are identified and is has the required competence;
  • Identifies training needs associated with the control of its significant energy uses and the operation of its energy management system;
  • Establishes, implements and maintains a procedure that details how it makes all people working for and on behalf of the organisation aware of the energy management system and its objectives;
  • Considers energy performance improvement opportunities and operational control in the design of new, modified and renovated facilities, equipment, systems and processes that can have a significant impact on its energy performance;
  • Monitors, measures and analyses the key characteristics that determine energy performance at planned intervals;
  • Define and periodically review its measurement needs.