Enviro-Mark Gold Certification

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Enviro-Mark Gold is the third step in the Environmental Management System journey. 

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a planned approach to managing environmental impacts. Organisations identify the significant environmental impacts arising from everything they do and then develop plans to prevent or reduce those impacts. The Enviro-Mark Programme mentors organisations to develop, implement and maintain an EMS and verifies their work.

Enviro-Mark Gold certified organisations have developed a comprehensive plan to help them achieve their goals outlined in their formal environmental policy. They are measuring their impacts so that they can better manage them.

To achieve Enviro-Mark Gold certification, an organisation:

  • Has set objectives and targets for driving improvement and has programmes in place to meet those targets;
  • Has developed, implemented and tested environmental emergency plans;
  • Has identified and evaluated their significant environmental issues arising from activities, products and services;
  • Is actively monitoring their ongoing compliance with New Zealand legislation and is ensuring they are aware of any changes to obligations;
  • Has produced an environmental policy statement;
  • Understands the scope of their EMS (i.e. are there any parts of the organisation that need to be excluded from the EMS and why);
  • Exhibits no non-compliances with New Zealand’s applicable health and safety and environmental legislation.