Technical Tools & Services

We can provide a range of technical tools, software, calculators and services.

Let us put our expert knowledge and our science-based, business tested resources to work for your organisation.

Applied expertise

measure iconWe review, develop and provide product carbon footprint specifications.

We review, develop and provide Emissions Factors.

We assess and provide verified carbon credits.

Assessments and audits

audit iconHave you already started your environmental journey? We perform gap analyses to check your existing work against an international standard, or if you are a bit further along, we can verify your work is compliant with a range of international environmental standards.

We provide independent expert assessment of your site against the applicable Regional Environmental Plan criteria.

Thinking about your supply chain? Start with one of our supply chain sustainability assessments to understand and manage impacts up and downstream from your business.

Calculators and software

software icon

Use our bespoke emissions calculation software to measure a greenhouse gas inventory

We provide pre-verified carbon calculators, which you can use internally or pass on to your customers and suppliers. Our most popular option is the carboNZero compatible calculator, which allows you to provide your customers with pre-verified carbon inventory data.

We provide event carbon calculators to help you understand the climate impacts of your event and its attendees. 

We offer free carbon calculators for individuals to estimate and offset their footprints


training iconOur team of experts can provide mentored workshops and training across a range of environmental topics.

We offer custom training for organisations, supply chains, or associations.

Ready to apply our expert knowledge to your operations?

You’ll improve your business and together we can create a better environment.